The KidsWealth Program for Kids 

The program is designed by leading educators to provide an interactive resource for financial education. KidsWealth can help teach children to save money by reinforcing the habits that can develop effective, long-run responsibility.


Teaching Your Children Money Management

As parents, our problem in all this is that we don’t take seriously our role in teaching kids about money. We give our kids piggy banks and allowances and think we’re doing our job, not realizing these are utter failures in teaching anything positive about money.


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Teaching Kids Financial Competency

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Made by Parents For Parents

Our Company Vision
Our Vision is 20 / 20 – The Perfect Vision: We want to have 20 million kids from all over the world on the KidsWealth Money Program by the year 2020 and part of our KidsWealth Angel Network, making a massive difference in the lives of the next generation!
The Educational Vision
Designed by leading figures in education, literacy and finance, the products we release are infused with our passion for financial education.
The KidsWealth Experience
Parents and educators know that as children play, they learn–and develop skills and habits that can last a lifetime. With the KidsWealth Program, children can do both.
Our Team
Each member of the KidsWealth team is dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality children’s savings program on the market today. The integrity, leadership and experience of the management team have helped to craft a unique product that has been utilized by families world-wide.


“The KidsWealth Money kits changed a paradigm for me in the area of allowing kids to manage their own money. Like many of us, I come from a family that was not the wisest in managing money so to give this to my daughter was a blessing. Thanks for putting together this program. I certainly feel supported in my intentions to give my daughter the best financial education I can give her.”
Ruth - Porter Ranch, California
“I take my son to a pizza/arcade for lunch on Fridays. Before KidsWealth, I gave him $2 for games before lunch and $2 after lunch (or he wouldn’t eat.) This time, I told him games had to come out of his FUN account. He very matter-of-factly said he would just watch the other kids play games because he would rather spend his fun money on other things. I nearly fell out of the car!”  
Stacie - Tampa, Florida, Anchor, News Channel 8
“We started using the KidsWealth Program three months ago with our 10 and 11-year-old. The change in attitude has been phenomenal; they have gone from “I want” to thoughtful planning and responsible purchasing! We have been amazed by their generosity & intrigued by their priorities. Being responsible for their own financial choices through the KidsWealth program has given our children a greater confidence in their own decision-making. Thanks KidsWealth!”
Christine & Jonathan

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